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Introducing Little Miss Sunshine  "Soleil"
She was born May 2010 and was bred by Joy Bishop. She is by Triune's Keen Midnite Affair and Plails Turn The Page.
She is a very tenacious girlie and from the very first day, she moved in, made herself at home, made friends with the Border Collies and stole our hearts.
She has some big agility shoes to fill as both her sire and grandsire are both former members of the US World Agility Team and her Uncle, Sizzle, has been a member of the WT five times.  Her Mom comes from some very nice performance and conformation lines.

Agility Titles and Accomplishments

2013 Grand Prix national finalist (6th place), also 6th place International Biathlon.
2012 Central Regional 3rd place Regional Grand Prix. AKC Nationals qualifier.
USDAA Nationals Qualifier - Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and DAM Team. Steeplechase National Finalist, 16"!!! 


cydney dautzenberg said...

wow her uncle is sizzle!!!! what is her sir?

Morganne said...

Keen is her sire(littermate to Sizzle) and 2004 US World Team member (Italy).