Saturday, April 19, 2008

FRAC USDAA agility trial April 5-6

I forgot to update this blog after the trial!
Sage had an awsome weekend! She qualified in Grand Prix and Steeplechase BOTH! She had one 5 second fault in GP but placed 6th in Steeplechase and had a great run in round two but dropped a bar.

She is in Masters now for all classes but since we were already paired with a friend and her BC in Advanced, we didn't move up in Masters pairs for this trial. Sage and Jane won the Advanced Pairs Relay class with a clean run! Sage had a fast jumpers run with a 4th place on Sunday!

The Summit-man had some good runs as well as some crazy moments on the course. He had a great run in Starters Gamblers, got the gamble and then dropped the very last bar in the gamble. He ran clean in Starters Standard and won his class. He paired with another young BC in Starters pairs and they won that class.

Sunday he was starting to have a meltdown and had some zooming moments in standard and jumpers. He did have a nice snooker run going but dropped a bar during the closing and we were 3 points shy of qualifying.

So now Sage only needs one more Steeplechase leg to qualify for 2008 Nationals!!!!

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