Monday, August 25, 2008

Sage qualifies for USDAA Nationals!!!!

Both dogs did very well at FRAC's USDAA trial this past weekend. The big news is Sage earned that last Steeplechase Q to finish qualifying for the 2008 USDAA nationals! She had a blazing fast Grand Prix run (clean) and earned a 4th place. She also earned two Masters Jumpers Q's (6th and 7th place) and a Master's pairs Q with Judy and Sisu.

Summit qualified in Steeplechase on Friday and in round two on Sunday had a blazing fast run earning 4th place in the finals (with a dropped bar)! I only entered him in Steeplechase for fun and so that he would get to have a run on Friday (which was Master's classes only). He had a beautiful smooth Advanced Jumpers run but dropped one bar. He qualified in Advanced Standard with a nice run and 2nd place and was one point short of qualifying in Snooker.

Judy and I camped at the site which the dogs' loved since they could run around and play in the evenings.

The other big news is that Sisu earned her MAD!!!! She needed one last Masters Standard leg and got it with a typical fast and furious run Sisu-style on Sunday. Judy was so happy that she accidentally threw Sisu's special toy up on the roof of the arena. Luckily, a very nice cowboy who worked at the fairgrounds was kind enough to put an extension ladder on the bed of his pickup truck and climb up to the roof to retrieve Sisu's big red ball.

It was a very fun weekend and FRAC put on an excellent trial with the best worker lunches I have ever had.


Greg S said...

Way to go Sage & Summit! I was debating going to the USDAA Nationals, but I've decided to wait until next year even though we are qualified. If you guys go, I'll be cheering for you!

Morganne said...

Thanks! I have decided since I'm in the process of retraining her contacts to skip Nationals this year. I'll try and qualify both dogs and go in 2009.