Friday, September 18, 2009

USDAA Rocky Mountain Regional

Last weekend was the Rocky Mountain Regional competition. Sage was only entered in DAM team and Grand Prix. Sage's team (Elicia Calhoun with BreaSea & Liz Blasio with Ticket) were 5th place overall!!! Elicia needed this DAM team Q for Nationals so I was thrilled that not only did she get her Q but we placed high as well.
Sage had a beautiful GP run but got called for an a-frame contact. Her time would have put her in the top 10.

Summit had an interesting weekend. His DAM team (Bordering on Insanity) did not qualify but all three young dogs on the team had some great moments as well as some not so great moments. Summit had some amazing runs in the regular classes considering I was pushing him and proofing his training. I got some great distance from the teeter (lateral send to the teeter so I could get in a FC), RC's at weaves. I left him in the weaves twice while I moved laterally away in order to FC for a tunnel discrimination. Left him on the dogwalk for another lateral move for a FC. The most fun was in Master's Snooker where I did a lateral send to the #2 tunnel in the closing so I could get in position to back up just past the jump for a tight turn which set him up nicely for the teeter approach.

For some reason Summit was very high at this trial. I'm not sure if it was because it was a Regional or because I was pushing him a little and asking for more obstacle independence. Summit had several runs where he just was not thinking. He had two wrong courses in Team Jumpers and a wrong course in Team Relay. We have our share of mistakes but not usually a wrong course. He also missed his wp entries 4 times - which is also unlike him.
This weekend we are at a small one-ring AKC trial. I'm really looking forward to relaxing and running AKC after the pressure and excitement of a Regional.

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Christine said...

Wow, sounds like Summit is going up a whole new gear :-)how exciting is that!