Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last agility trial for the year and Sage's *almost* MACH

Thanksgiving weekend we attended an AKC trial in the Black Forest (outside of Colorado Springs). Joan Meyer was the judge and she put up some fun and challenging courses.

On Saturday, both Sage and Summit double Q'd. Sage placed third in Standard with 38 seconds and around 7th or 8th in jumpers with a time of 25 seconds and double Q number 19.

Summit won Standard with a time of 34 seconds and won jumpers with a time of 23 seconds for double Q number 5.

On Sunday Summit NQ'd with several faults in Standard but had a nice run in Jumpers that afternoon but with one bar (would have been first place). I admit that I walked the course with Sage in mind when I ran Summit, made handling decisions on the fly.

Sage WON Standard and that afternoon, we ran Jumpers to earn her MACH. She had a lovely run (very smooth) except for a missed weavepole entry. It was such a rush to go for that MACH run. I loved the pressure and although it didn't happen that weekend, it will eventually.

Overall I was very pleased with both dogs' performance. A few things to work on to improve. Summit is starting to push his contact behavior in competition again so it's time to start reminding him in training about his release cue. Sage was awesome and very consistent all weekend.

We are taking December off from competition. I have several seminars and workshops planned for Summit and of course, lot's of hikes for all the dogs.

Below are videos from the weekend.

Summit Saturday Standard - 1st place

So in case you are wondering what the fuss is at the startline. Summit did not want to face away from the course. I put him in a down at the first jump (facing away from the rest of the course) and he argued with me, "No Momma, the course goes the other way!" Joan was laughing and I finally just picked him up and placed him down and ran with him.

Sage Saturday Standard - 3rd place

Summit Saturday Jumpers - 1st place

A wide turn into the weavepoles. I ran Sage second and did a front cross two jumps before the weaves which really tightened the turn.

Sage Saturday Jumpers

Summit Sunday Standard - NQ

I ran Summit first. I was not really focused on handling him and had really walked the course for Sage. Needless to say, I made several handling mistakes and sent him off course after the chute.

Sage Sunday Standard run - 1st place

This really was an awesome run!

Sage Sunday Jumpers - almost MACH ;-)

Summit Sunday Jumpers - dropped bar


Diana said...

Very nice runs. Congrats!! Diana

Lara Harris said...

Beautiful dogs! :)

Christine said...

Fab vids and results, Congratulations

kiwichick said...

That MACH for Sage will be here before you know it.
Really nice runs!