Friday, January 22, 2010

We can train!

I went out to the field this morning. Although there is still a sheet of ice and snow between the backyard and the agility field, the upper part of the field has dried out and I have enough space to set up some jump drills. I will need to keep the dogs on leash until we pass the snow/ice section though. Luckily, the pause table (which is where the dog not working waits his/her turn) is free of ice now.

I left the 15' curved tunnel where it was and moved jumps around so I had a three jump sequence to the far end of the tunnel and a single jump to the left of the last jump (to form a 180). I plan to practice forward Sends (180 degree wrap over the jump before the tunnel) and lateral Sends (90 degree turn left over the jump for the 180 sequence) and sometimes cueing extension over all three jumps to the tunnel. This will be good for both dogs.

The area where I had the bounce grid set up is mostly free of ice. I won't be able to do the full drill (three-jump bounce grid, 15 feet to fourth jump, 20 feet (extension) to tunnel and then reverse back), but Summit will at least get to work the three-jump bounce grid.

Of course, I'll also be working basic RTH exercises with Summit over one jump in the ongoing process of reminding him that collection and round jumping is highly rewarded.

The weather is supposed to be fairly nice this weekend so I plan on getting out to the field for lot's of training.
As the picture of Summit suggests, I cannot wait until Spring!


Diana said...

I cant wait for Spring either. I hate winter. Diana

Kathy said...

I was going to say, WHAT?? ICE??, surely that can not be a picture from today, LOL, with all that green grass. I want to practice so bad, but between the ice and the mudd mosh pitt, LOL, I am looking forward to some spring too!