Monday, May 24, 2010

What a weekend!

 I've had an intense two weeks at work and haven't had time to write updates on the blog. Luckily most of the research classes I was teaching were in the evening so I had time to train the dogs every morning (the weather has been perfect). I have continued to train Summit with the bars at 20" and 22" (I randomly mix them up throughout a course). I've really been working on my arms (and I'm proud to say that the few bars he dropped this weekend were not because of a flinging arm as you'll see in the videos). We had USDAA a couple weekends ago and out of 11 runs, Summit dropped ONE bar. This was outdoors on grass. He had some Q's in the regular classes but we did not get that final GP qualifier for Nationals. He missed a wp entry that he had already nailed in Masters Standard (that section of the course was the same in GP). I took the entry for granted (not an easy entry) and verbally cued the weaves while I turned and took off too soon and he entered in at the second pole. We still have plenty of chances left for the GP leg this Summer.

This week I got to relax at a three-day AKC trial. Two rings, indoors...

I am really happy with our runs all three days. With the exception of a single bar in three of our classes, the runs were very nice. Of course, after watching the videos, I see places where I could have tightened up a turn here and there (its funny how you *think* you decelerated early enough when you are out there). But overall, we had no other faults but a bar.

Jumpers with Weaves - one bar (would have been 1st place). Standard - one bar (would have been 2nd place).
Jumpers with Weaves - one bar (would have been 1st place). Standard - 1st place by 1.5 seconds!
Jumpers with Weaves - 2nd place. Standard - 2nd place. Double Q!

I have watched carefully when he dropped the bars this weekend and it seems when he is turning over the bar in extension (for the most part, the Saturday jumpers bar he was jumping into a wall) and I am ahead of him. Something we have been working on at home.

Friday Jumpers with Weaves

Friday Standard - I was late picking him up from the tunnel and as I rotated out of the FC (trying to stay out of his way), I said "weave" and hoped he'd find his entry independently. He did!

Saturday Jumpers with Weaves - he dropped the bar on the jump facing the wall.

Saturday Standard - 34.10 seconds. 1st place!

Sunday Jumpers with Weaves - 2nd place by two 100ths of a second

Sunday Standard - 2nd place and Double Q! (yes, I whipped out the OA at the jump before the teal tunnel. Last minute weakness as I watched so many dogs not read the turning cue and take the third jump past the tunnel. Also pushed him out too far to the red jump).

I am so glad I have video of our runs. It is so hard to remember everything you did out there while running the dog (it goes by too fast). I am thrilled to see the large improvement in my arms. I am happy with the lines I set. I do see where I had thought I had decelerated soon enough, I did not and cued more extension in the turns than intended (resulting in some wide turns). Fairly happy with the placement of my front crosses (except for Saturday's jumpers run where I went too far out after the weaves-pinwheel section and place my front cross too far from the take-off side of the yellow jump).

This Friday I leave for Amarillo, Texas for a three-day AKC trial over Memorial Day weekend. I have heard great things about this venue (indoor soccer field) and look forward to going.


Diana said...

Wow, you guys are awesome. How frustratiing dropping one bar. Ugh! Do you think instead of using decleation, using more lateral motion would help? I dont know, just wondering. I love watching you guys run! Diana

Kathy said...

Yeah, she looks gorgeous in those the comments from the peanut gallery! ;) (I wore capris all weekend as well.)

Very nice job! Summit is always so exciting to watch--I love it!

Morganne said...

Thanks!He is a fun dog to run.

Yes, definitely lateral motion as well. Especially Sunday's jumpers run (sequence after the weaves).

I was laughing out loud when I heard the commentary. I was hoping no one watched the videos with the sound on :-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Loved watching every minute of you and Summit out there! It's a real pleasure!

Kathy said...

OOOH how fun a ROAD TRIP for memorial day weekend, good luck and have a lot of fun! I loved your runs, they looked awesome, Summit is really looking good. I too loved the comments about how you looked, and you did look nice, very put together, LOL.

kiwichick said...

Congrats on the great runs. I hear soccer turf is awesome. Wish we had it here instead of dirt. How far is Amarillo from Colorado?

Elayne said...

Such nice runs, looks like you guys had a great weekend.

Christine Wynne said...

Wow looking good and great moving away from the poles too