Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A fun weekend in Texas and a puppy video

Summit and I spent the Memorial Day Weekend at a fun AKC trial in Amarillo, Texas. The hosting club and venue were great! The courses were.... interesting. Very tight with lot's of traps for the big, long striding dogs. The small dogs did well all weekend but the large dogs did not. There was some grumbling from handlers who run large (non BC) breeds in the the 24" class and watching those dogs try and crank their bodies around on the tight turns on the course, I could understand why they were not happy.

Some of the challenges we saw this weekend I was not completely comfortable with. Normally, I walk a course with confidence in my strategy and with the knowledge that my dog and I have the skills to handle the challenges. This weekend, on all three Standard courses, I did not feel this way. We had a wrong course on each Standard run all weekend and qualified in Jumpers. The wrong courses in Standard were the result in the handlers path being very restricted while handling the dog through a box with wrong course options presented upon the dog landing from the previous jump. These were tough challenges for the big dogs (20" & 24" classes). But I brought home the course maps and have set up some of the challenges. Restricting the handler's path (mostly with the weaves) seemed to be a favorite theme of the judge at this trial. So something to practice more.

I couldn't help thinking about my puppy all weekend and then I got this video Tuesday morning. The first two puppies are girls and the boy (no white on the face and big white collar) is the third puppy climbing over the breeder's leg. He's very strong and doesn't need any help. Very determined I must say. I am going to go visit them on Sunday on my way back from a sheep farm (picking up mutton for the dogs). I'm bringing my camera so I can get pictures of the Mom and all the pups.

We have this weekend off so will spend some time hiking in the mountains and perhaps I'll have time to get some yard work done!


Diana said...

All the puppies looked determined to get over the leg. LOL, I wonder what was over there they all wanted. Very cute. Diana

Elayne said...

Funny little hamsters. I was biking up in Ned on Monday and almost dropped in on Joy to see how she was doing but I never quite made it over there. If I happen to see the pups I'll give your boy a skritch.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The puppies are growing and soon your little boy will be home with you! So exciting!

The courses from your trial sound interesting - if you thought they were difficult, we would've deemed them impossible!

Kathy said...

OOOH now I am getting major puppy envy, the shelties are sooo cute, you are going to have such a wonderful time, they are adorable.

Humm, the courses sound interesting.