Thursday, September 30, 2010

ADCH Summit

It's been a crazy two weeks with work, family stuff, and getting ready for Nationals. Meanwhile, Summit earned his ADCH! As you can see in the picture, Summit is very proud of his accomplishment  - LOL! Actually, he is very happy about his flying squirrel laying on the ground next to me while I was taking the photo. I however, am very happy we've earned the ADCH and will be floating on air for some time to come. Especially since the three Snooker Super Q's were very difficult for us. I am Snooker challenged (although I am improving somewhat) but I can't say I like that game (Gamblers is my favorite).

We are leaving tonight to drive down to Monument for a three day USDAA trial. This trial is the first for the 2011 qualifying year. We have DAM team on Friday and then steeplechase, GP, and titling classes on Saturday and Sunday. This will be Soleil's second road trip and I'm hoping to get lot's of training and playtime with her ringside in between running Summit and working the other classes.

Soleil is changing every week (puppies do that I guess). Not just physically but her personality too. She's gotten taller and leggier and cruises around the backfield like a young race horse. Her coat is changing. The black guard hairs are coming in and also some softer, straighter golden hairs. She growls when she tugs and is really starting to lay back and put all her weight into tugging. She's also becoming very affectionate. She is less distracted by her environment and more focused on me. She is also beginning to want to cuddle more.
I will take some new photos of her and post them after the weekend.

Summit and I haven't done a lot of training this week. Just proofing contacts (he was pushing them at the last trial) and working on the rear cross drills in the October Clean Run (Clean Run Central by Annie Pyle). These drills are really teaching me patience - something I always need to work on.


Elayne said...

Congrats!!! What a great accomplishment for both of you. Was this at the Labor Day trial? Wish I could have been there to celebrate.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo!! Congratulations to ADCH Summit and his mom!!!!

Puppies grow up too fast and change too fast! I love to hear that she is becoming a cuddler. Mom wishes I would cuddle with her!

Diana said...

Thats so wonderful. Congrats!!! I cant wait for more pictures! Diana

Kathy said...

OMG!!!! WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO Congrats!!! You have worked so hard and you guys are SUCH a talented team, that is soooooo fanastic!!! I am soooo happy for ADCH SUMMIT and his Mom. You have to be so proud!

Soleil sounds like she is doig so well, what a sweetie

kiwichick said...

Well done to very fine team!

Christine said...

Fabulous news! Huge Congratulations to you and Summit :-)