Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soleil update

The very cute (and precocious) Soleil

Soleil will be five months old this coming Tuesday. I can't believe how fast the time is flying. Upon returning from Nationals, I've ramped up our training. Up to now, I had spent a lot of time building tug drive and shaping lot's of behaviors such as position, box work, targetting, etc. followed by restrained recalls and chase games out in the field. Random recalls have been ongoing.

This week we started turns on the flat, conework, continued building value for her release cue (which also incorporates impulse control) and increased duration of stays.
1. Circle work both directions (acceleration/deceleration)
2. Front cross on the flat
2. Pulls
3. Extension Recall to Heel

Conework turning both directions. She is so cute. The second time we went outside to train, she saw the cone and immediately started interacting with it ;-)

Next week I'll add rear crosses on the flat, basic recall to heel, and figure eights in our circle work. I also took the legs off the pause table and we'll be playing tug on the table top.

A friend of mine who is a VMO measured her for me at the last trial. She was smaller than I thought (12 3/8" tall). I measured her last Tuesday and she was roughly 12 1/2" tall. I've been having to redo her ears every two weeks because they've grown out but it's going on three weeks now and her ears are almost the same. So not much growing these last three weeks. 

She will go on her first hike tomorrow. A fairly flat trail that is perfect for puppies.


Jackie said...

Wow, if only I had half of YOUR drive! Soleil is going to be an amazing agility dog, I've no doubt and is super cute.

Priscilla said...

Soleil is becoming more and more gorgeous!!! She is stunning in fact :) She must be such a joy to own and I bet she's going to be an amazing agility dog!

Elayne said...

So cute, and so BIG since I saw her last. Can't believe how much she's grown.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Soleil is totally adorable - love her little white feet! I enjoyed seeing your list of things you are working on with her - I love hearing about how people train their puppies and in what order they train different skills.

Morganne said...

She is absolutely amazing. We are having so much fun together!

Diana said...

Soleil is just beautiful!! Diana

Kathy said...

Soleil is so precious, it is hard to believe she is five months old already. She is so beautifully build, look at those shoulders and the length of her neck, she is so beautiful. I can not wait for Soleil training video!

Christine said...

She loves stunning and cute and from the vid incredibly whizzy too. The ideal sheltie!!! And well done with the nationals.