Monday, April 4, 2011

Summit gets GP and Steeplechase Q's for Nationals!

What a great USDAA weekend! Summit placed 2nd in Grand Prix and WON Steeplechase! Now he only needs one more Steeplechase leg to finish qualifying for nationals. But at least he is now qualified to enter both the South Central Regional in May and the Rocky Mtn. Regional in July.

The best news is he only dropped a bar in a single class the entire weekend. It was in the Gamble which was the first class Saturday morning.

He also qualified in Jumpers (2nd place), Standard (2nd place), Pairs Relay (1st place) and got a Snooker Q. In Steeplechase finals I pushed him too hard and he missed the wp entry. I should have kept going on (I usually do) but for some reason (must have been thinking about the time plus faults rule of Round 1), I asked him to repeat the weaves and of course he missed it again, and then a third time. I KNOW this about him.. he does not like to be wrong and stresses up and loses the ability to focus. I thanked the judge and we left the ring since he was way past thinking at that point. I played a game of tug with him after we left the ring so all was good in his world.

I also got to run Crook in Steeplechase. He is Soleil's half brother. He is a puppy from a previous litter and has a different mother. He is young and wicked fast. We won 16" Steeplechase!!!!

Soleil got to play ringside and went shopping at the vendor booths. After sampling many different kinds of homemade treats, Miss picky decided the dehydrated Bison Lung was the winner.

This weekend we have a three-day AKC trial. Our plan is to run well and earn the QQ's for AKC Nationals 2012 which is supposed to be (so far) in Reno, Nevada.

Steeplechase - 1st place 25 seconds

Grand Prix - 2nd place (I was running conservatively for the Q and held his aframe contact). Now that we are Q'd for Nationals I'll be running GP more agresssively for the BYE.

Masters Standard - 2nd place

Masters Jumpers - 2nd place


Kathy said...

Gorgeous runs! He looks like so much fun to run!

Elayne said...

Summit had some beautiful runs this weekend, always a treat to watch him run in person. And Crook was flying in Steeplechase, that was an awesome run.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Beautiful runs! I just love to watch you and Summit together! Congratulations on such a spectacular weekend!

Kathy said...

Looks GORGEOUS, congrats on all those Q;s --love watching you and Summit and Crook had to be fun considering it is a sneak peak of what is in store for you with Soleil... I am sooo hoping that the nationals are in Nevada, I will not have time to get qualified but.....I am going to go if that is where it is. Good luck next weekend! PS-I couldnt find your email but if you want ot email me I can tell you about the Sylvia Turkman puppy ecourse.

Christine said...

That is fantastic news and congratulations on the results and qualifying. You make it look so easy and smooth :-)

Morganne said...

Thanks everyone! I was very pleased with how he was running.

Diana said...

Awesome Steeplechase!! I love that tunnel entrance. WhooHoo!!!