Monday, May 9, 2011

A HOT and slippery weekend of USDAA

The weekend temps were in the mid 80's which made for a very warm trial. Other than the heat, the weather was nice (no high winds or micro bursts) and by Sunday, the club had put out wading pools for the dogs. Summit had some great runs on Saturday with Q's in Gamblers (he won), Pairs (he and Bode won), Standard (3rd place), and Steeplechase (6th place with a bar) and then a bar in GP.

Sunday we had no Q's. The grass had dried up in many areas of the ring and was very slippery. Summit slid on his side after landing off a jump in Masters Standard so we cut the run short and left the ring. After over 2 months of rehab, I did not feel like risking another injury. I did run Masters Jumpers and he slipped just as he was setting himself up to jump the triple and dropped the bar. I watched the video in slow mo and could see his left rear leg slide sideways and out - Yikes! That was the leg with the hamstring pull. There were a couple of dogs who slipped and several who crashed into jump standards and limped out of the ring. Luckily, as far as I know, the dogs were all ok.

Masters Standard - 3rd place

Steeplechase - 6th place with one bar

Here is the jumpers run. Watch his left rear leg as he turns on the grass towards the triple.

Masters Gamblers - 1st place

Relay - with little brother Bode. 1st place by almost a full second.

Soleil had fun walking around the trial grounds, barking at the fast dogs in the ring (when we were sitting ringside), playing tug, and meeting lot's of new puppies.

This morning I added a third set of 2x2's about four feet from the end of the last set. She is weaving four poles (two sets) and then running through the gap of the third set. I will begin to move that third set closer until she is weaving six poles. That will be so exciting!

We worked on RTH over one and two jumps also. Mixing up extension RTH with foundation RTH. She is having no problems with 16" and she is rocking back on her rear, pushing off, and jumping with nice round form. She is also changing her striding and takeoff between the two jumps depending on whether I am cueing extension or collection. What a smart girlie!


Diana said...

Awesome, awesome runs!! How come you werent at WTT??? LOL

Morganne said...

Thanks Diana! That was a great compliment. I have played with the idea of WTT but I am just reluctant to jump my boy at 26".

Kathy said...

GREAT runs, your handling is so smooth and you look so in control. that grass reminds me of the footing at most of our trials here, and the foot slips were scary. How exciting little Soleil almost doing SIX weaves and understandign handling, she is growing up so fast!