Monday, September 19, 2011

MACH Summit and Soleil's AKC Debute

I have been SO busy at work (and teaching) that blogging has just not been happening this last month. However, I just had to write about our wonderful weekend at the FRAAD AKC trial.

Summit just needed one more QQ for his MACH (and two more for Nationals). Friday was Excellent only and he was clean in Standard but that afternoon, he dropped a bar in Jumpers. Saturday he triple Q'd and earned his MACH!!!! He is now MACH ADCH Cedar Pinnacle View! (the third Q was in FAST which he won).

Could it get any better?

Sunday Summit double Q'd AGAIN to finish qualifying for 2012 AKC Nationals!

Could it get any better?

This weekend was also Soleil's AKC debut! Saturday she qualified and placed third in Novice Jumpers and Sunday, she won Novice Jumpers.

Could it get any better?

Soleil's first official measurement is under 14"!!! She will continue to jump 16" in competition (since she measures into that height class in USDAA). However, if her second and final measurement is under 14", she will get to jump 12" at AKC Nationals. She will be at the top of her class height-wise vs. the bottom.

So here is some video to share our wonderful weekend.

First is Summit's MACH run. The best part of this video is at the end. He grabs his leash as usual and I tug with him. Then Liz hands me my MACH bar for our victory lap. I ask him to release the leash, I drop it on the ground, he immediately picks it up again. I ask him to release, I drop it on the ground, he pounces on it and then does a play bow - he thinks this is a fun new game! I am thinking, "How do I do our victory lap when he has a leash in his mouth?" Finally the judge says, "Give me your leash."

Soleil's Saturday Jumpers with Weaves run. I thought she did a great job considering the busy venue (three rings) and the loud announcement during her run. I'm doing my best to give plenty of forward cues and not worrying about tight turns. I was so happy to her get her weave entry on the first try as well as keeping up all the bars. The sand in the back of the arena where the double was located was pretty deep.

Soleil's Sunday Jumpers run. I was so focused on my dog that I forgot where the course went (you see me decelerate suddenly before the left turn to the yellow jump). Again she nailed her weave entry the first time and kept up all the bars.

We have two weeks off (there are trials both weekends but I did not enter them - will spend time off hiking in the mountains instead).

Our next AKC trial is in three weeks and Soleil is entered in Jumpers again all three days.


Elayne said...

Congrats on Summit's MACH! Such an awesome boy. And Soleil looks great.

Diana said...

Congrats on your MACH and quilifing for nationals!!! Ive been hoping everything was ok since you havent posted in a while. Soleil is really cool!!!

Kathy said...

Great stuff! I've been too busy to blog lately, but I'm back to training and trialing, and enjoyed watching your videos.

Kathy said...

Soleil is just so exciting, it is really cool to see her out there doing her stuff.

WOW, Congrats on your MACH that was so funny with the leash, LOL, but it will be a moment I am sure you will always remember, LOL. So glad for you. I hope to go watch at nationals, it would be cool to meet you in person there.

Kathy said...

ps, I wish it was easier to send people comments to respond to comments on blogger, but I want to do a post on the cik/cap after you asked, because I have learned a lot about it and appreciated your asking a few posts ago...but then it is all what I have learned and how I processed it and some days I get a little hesitant to post what I get out of things because I know everyone else gets a little something different ;-),

Morganne said...

Thanks everyone!
@Kathy, that would be so cool to meet you in person at AKC Nationals!

Christine said...

That is brilliant, congratulations to you and summit :-)