Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Agility Season Begins!

This weekend begins the 2012 Agility season for us. Friday, Sunday, and Monday Summit and Soleil are entered in AKC. Summit has had seven weeks off from training and competition. Soleil has had lot's of training, proofing, and fun matches since her last competition and she is coming along so well!

We have two back-to-back weekends of AKC and then the third weekend is our first USDAA trial for the 2012 qualifying period. This will also be Soleil's very first USDAA trial. I am excited to run her on USDAA courses! I also entered her in Steeplechase and Grand Prix with the goals to get her qualified for Nationals since they are in Denver in 2012.

We went to a fun match on Monday and here are the videos.

Soleil's first run-through. I'm very happy with her dogwalk contact. She is really driving forward into 20/20 position. She tested her startline stay in both rounds. I was wondering when that would happen - she's been so perfect at the startline. I was a little worried ;-)

Round two. I wanted to get in a few more aframes. Also wanted to avoid the table because not only was it really slippery but it sucked up 5 seconds of course time. Both my dogs attempted it though...

Summit had a turn and he was sooo happy to play!

I am looking for a baby dog DAM team for Soleil for the FRAT March trial and the Rocky Mountain Regional in Albuquerque, NM. - Any takers?


LauraK said...

Great runs, she sure doesn't look like a "baby" dog!

I was just thinking that this is our slow season for agility since we can't do most of the AKC trials in January since Riley is a mixed breed. You sure have a great line-up of trials ahead of you!

I've decided we're going to do more USDAA this year- we've been to a couple trials, but we are definitely newbies, lots to learn about how USDAA works! Good luck in all your January trials!

Diana said...

Wow, both dogs look awesome. Thats great that you have so many fun runs around. We hardly ever have any here. Good luck!!