Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soleil's AKC Weekend!

Soleil had a very good weekend at the Terrier Club AKC trial. She is maturing so much and handling the excitement and pressure of a two ring trial much better. She was quite focused and her course times are improving as I'm setting lines for her instead of cueing one obstacle at a time.

3rd place in Ex. B Jumpers
NQ in Standard (refusal)

3rd place in Ex. B Jumpers
1st place in Ex. A Standard (woohoo! a baby QQ)!

NQ in Ex. B Jumpers (bar)
1st place in Ex. A Standard (one more leg for her title)

I'm still learning how to handle her around a course and what combination of cues is best. Unlike Summit, the more I run with her and get in her space, the more excited she gets and the tighter she turns. A good example is Friday's Jumpers. I needed to move farther into the pinwheel so that I could show more deceleration and then motion driving out to cue a tighter turn.

Saturday Standard (I don't have video of Saturday Jumpers). Naughty girl sat up from her down on the table ;-)

Sunday Standard (Jen missed the first part of the run which was a 180 into the weaves).

Summit had some nice runs this weekend (he was 50 percent as he dropped a bar in one class each day so no QQ's). He is already qualified for AKC nationals 2013 so my focus has been on Soleil in AKC.


Diana said...

You guys look great!!

Kathy said...

I am just in awe at how fast you guys have come together! It is just soooo exciting patch you guys!

Morganne said...

Thanks! Soleil is such a wonderful girl and we are having a lot of fun learning together.