Monday, January 21, 2013

MACH 2 Summit!!!

Summit earned his MACH 2 this weekend at the Denver Samoyed Association AKC agility trial. He needed two more QQ's and he was 4/4 with all 1st places this weekend. Sunday's Jumpers run that afternoon (and our MACH run) was the most technical of the weekend and there were many NQ's so it was a lot of fun to run it clean to earn his MACH 2.

After USDAA Nationals, I gave Summit three months off. No, he wasn't injured (a lot of people were asking me if he was ok). But we traveled and competed a lot in 2012 to earn byes for USDAA Nationals and now that he is 6 years old, a three-month break from agility (yes, no training either) would do him good. He did continue to go running with me and hiking. He also does ball work twice a week; so he did stay in good condition. About 3 weeks before our first competition, I started to work him over jumps to prepare him for his first competition the second week of January. Watching his videos, his jumping is spectacular! I've never seen him look so good. Definitely the time off was needed. I will continue to give him 3 months off annually.

And not to leave her out... here is little Soleil's jumpers run on Sunday too. I handled the course a bit differently with her. Not sure why... just seemed the best way for her. She is slipping in her turns (loose dirt on hard-pack) but still 1st place by several seconds.


Chris and Ricky said...

You are such a smart handler, Morganne! Congrats on MACH 2 Summit!

Diana said...

Congrats!! Soleil's run was just awesome. That dirt sure look slippery.

Morganne said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

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