Friday, June 6, 2008

Group IV Terrier Club AKC trial - Memorial Day weekend

So off the Salt Lake City for the 3-day trial at the beautiful Lynnleah Farm. This is one of my favorite trial sites. Next year I plan on attending all of the USDAA trials that are held at The Farm.
Sage had some really nice runs on Friday and Saturday (no QQ's). By Sunday, she was popping out of WP again and dropping bars. She also refused the practice jump right before the last class of the day on Sunday. So Ms. Sage is taking some time off to heal. She has another appt. with Dr. Jay next Thursday. I have pulled her from the USDAA Regionals over the 4th of July weekend.

Summit qualified in Open FAST on Friday and moved up to Excellent A FAST on Saturday. He fell off the DW during the Send portion so did not Q. I took him through several tunnels to finish the course. There were like 10 dogs who fell off the DW that day. The judge at one point went over and looked at it. I was told it was slick but I never did have a chance to look feel it.

Sunday Summit earned his first Q in Excellent A Fast! He also earned his first Q in Open Jumpers. He had some really nice runs this whole weekend.
I am learning that when I relax and not try and "race" Summit, he keeps the bars up. He is so fast that I think I need to hurry up and get somewhere on the course and when I start becoming frantic, he flattens out. So what I think about when I go to the line with him is Relax.....

Landing gear UP!


Astrid said...

Hope you are staying cool. It has been hot in UT. I am getting ready to trial Ryker for the first time in Exc JWW next weekend and then we go to C Spot Camp. Maybe they can help us.
Are you going?
Astrid and Ryker

connie said...

I just love the Border Colie Slid on the teeter. My oldest BC loves to fly off the end and not wait for it to go down. Sometimes she'll ride it down like a good girl.