Friday, June 6, 2008

USDAA Pueblo, Colorado

I'm a bad blogger! I'm way behind in updates....

Sage started off the weekend popping out of her weavepoles and dropping bars. Very unusual for her. Sage is a lovely jumper and might drop a single bar every 5 trials or so. She's also pretty consistent weaver. On Sunday in Master's Standard, she dropped two bars on the course and popped out of the wp again. I pulled her from the rest of her classes and made an appt. with her chiropractor for that following week.

Summit did very well. We had good startline stays all weekend. He qualified in Starters Gamblers twice, Snooker, and pairs. He earned his Starters Pairs title and moved up to Advanced. He only needed that one jumpers leg to earn his AD but he dropped the first bar (the course was jump - tunnel!). He did not qualify in any of his Advanced Standard classes but only had minor faults - handler-caused.

Jennifer's husband, Brad, was there taking pictures and did a wonderful job!

I love this picture of Summit's sliding teeter!

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