Monday, January 26, 2009

Sage Double Q's and Summit holds his contacts!

This weekend we were in Monument, Colorado for AKC.
Saturday was beautiful with warm temperatures. Sunday was freezing!

Sage had a great Standard run on Saturday and then a wrong course jump at the very end. In jumpers, I experimented with layering and she had two wrong courses. I don't like to layer with her because when we have too much distance between us, we lose that connection. But what the heck, the run was for fun so I wanted to try it.

I did do the layer with Summit (who I ran after Sage), and it worked beautifully. Different dog....

Summit held ALL his DW and AF contacts and waited for the release cue. I was so pleased!
And Sage did not miss a single contact all weekend.

On Sunday, Sage had a beautiful and fast run in Standard and won the Ex. B class. The jumpers course that afternoon was tricky for a hearing impaired dog. I knew we would have to work hard to qualify on that course. I did almost lose her to an offcourse tunnel but I was able to get her back and we had a very nice finish for 3rd place and a Double Q!

Summit had a very nice jumpers run but I overhandled a jump/tunnel discrimination and sent him over the wrong jump.

So a very good weekend and with several training/performance goals achieved.


Greg S said...

That Sunday standard run of Sage's was great (I did sent it to your yahoo email).
I wish I got to see your Sunday jumpers to see how your handling plan played out.
Nice job on the Q's & Double Q!

Morganne said...

I FC'd the first jump of the serpentine to be on the inside (and close to her for the tunnel discrimination) and then I FC'd the double at the very end (most handlers RC'd the double).

Greg S said...

Thats my only run I dont have on tape, but I also FC'd that first serpentine jump and FC'd after the double. Many who RC'd after the double messed it up - it took real precise timing.
I also RC'd After the triple and I felt that worked the best for that course, even though I prefer FC's 90% of the time.

Morganne said...

We handled the course the same way. I also did a RC on the flat AFTER the triple.

Interesting though, I handled it differently with Summit and it also worked well. RC'd the triple on the take off side, handled the serp from the same side, RC'd the double at the end. But his committment point is MUCH sooner than Sage's.