Monday, February 2, 2009

Hiking without Mtn. Lions

Sunday, Jen and I met at the Four-Pines trailhead for a nice long hike with the dogs and were met by signs posted everywhere informing us that there were lion sightings and all dogs were to be on leash. As we were standing there discussing what to do, a woman hiked by with two dogs on leash and told us that there was a family of Mtn. Lions that had been sighted during the day (Mtn. Lions are usually nocturnal).

So we packed up the dogs and drove down to another trailhead at lower elevation in the attempt to enjoy a hike with the dogs off leash and avoid encountering lions.

Here is a picture of Summit and his younger brother, Bode. Bode is named after the ski racer, Bode Miller. Very appropriate name for this dynamic red boy!

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