Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bo-Tyne Eyes on Me "Focus"

I was cleaning out some of the files on my computer and came across these two videos of Summit's sire, Focus. He is one of the fastest Border Collies in flyball (Canada and U.S.). I guess you can see where Summit gets his speed and his dark red color.

Here he is playing ball with Lynda Verna of Bo-Tyne (Focus' breeder in Ontario, Canada).

And a picture of me with Focus in Ontario, Canada when I flew out to pick up Summit-puppers.


Astrid said...

Love to see him in live action sometime.
Great Dog!

Morganne said...

I went to visit him when I picked up Summit. He's a goof-ball and very outgoing and friendly.

I added a picture of him.

Astrid said...

Goofball and very friendly.... hahaha sounds like Ryker. The litter Ryker was out of was nicknamed the goofy litter, must be a Bo-Tyne thing? However, Ryker is very different doing Flyball, all business, and as far as I can tell so is Focus.
I may see Focus in Kearny, Nebraska for nationals, if he goes.
BTW, I enjoyed seeing you run with Summit last weekend. You both are going to kick some bootie at Nationals.

Christine said...

Wow, that is amazing fast.

Bridget said...

What happened to Lynda and her breeding program?