Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Videos from MHGRC AKC trial

So here are some of the videos from last weekend's AKC trial.
But first I have to tell you when I watched Summit's Saturday Standard run I laughed until I cried! Ok, so it wasn't so funny THEN but watching it now on video is hilarious. Watch carefully the Start. He just knows that I am facing him in the wrong direction (away from the course). "But MOM! You are facing me the WRONG way, I know I'm supposed to lay down in front of that jump that faces the rest of the course". You can see me trying get him to face the tunnel and he keeps wanting to turn and face the jump behind him. I finally gave up and said "Go Tunnel" and pushed him into the tunnel. Guess I should practice that kind of start set-up at home (tunnel entrance that faces away from the rest of the course). Oh well, that's what I get for having a dog who's a thinker!


The next video is his Friday Jumpers run. He Qualified with first place but I'm not happy with my handling. I forgot where I was going after I sent him to the green tunnel and had to catch up and cued the turn and front cross very late for a wide turn. Then the two jumps before the weaves, I changed my mind from a FC to a RC at the last minute but didn't let him know in time so another wide turn into the weaves. He is such a good boy and does quite well in spite of his handler's late cues:-)


Here is his Saturday's jumpers run. I like this one. Too bad about the bar, that would have been a double Q for Summit!


Here is Sage's Saturday Standard run for third place and a double Q. No problems with this girly facing away from the course at the start. Her motto is "tunnel anytime-anywhere!"


And here is her Sunday Jumpers run. Too bad about the dropped bar at the Start.



Lorrie said...

Very nice!

Elayne said...

You guys make it look so easy.

Morganne said...

Thanks! :-)

Kathy said...

Very nice! I did like that he chose the jump behind him over the tunnel. So funny!

Jackie said...

Very nice runs. I love the new pictures down the right side. Your pups are just gorgeous.

Morganne said...

Thanks Kathy! Yeah, the little guy is quite the nerd. He's a thinker and although he loves tunnels, it just didn't seem right to him that he should be taking the tunnel that lead AWAY from the rest of the course. I still laugh about it.

Life With Dogs said...

Great work! I miss our Borders :)