Monday, June 1, 2009

Four Pines hike

Another busy weekend. Saturday Laura and I did a 1/2 day hike with the dogs up in Chatauqua. Then I had to drive way out to a sheep ranch in Bennet to pick up two Jacob ewes that were culled (meat for the dogs). Then Sunday morning (9-11am), Sage and Summit were demo dogs for the AKC Judges Seminar which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we met Jen, Bode, and Jane at the Four-Pines trailhead for another half day hike which also included playing in the the several creeks we crossed. At one point, two deer jumped out of the bushes right in front of us and took off. I was able to easily call Sage off the deer but Summit was more difficult (he has a bit more chase/prey drive than Sage). The scenery was amazing with all the rain we've had the past month. Green grass, wildflowers, and Border Collies.

Mr. Handsome

The brothers racing to the top of the hill

Bode and Sage (Jane at the very top leading the way)

Playing in the creek


Greg S said...

Looks like great fun! So Summit's brother lives near you? How cool!

Morganne said...

You have met him haven't you? He's two years younger (different litter). Jen brings him to all the agility trials. She competes with her other red BC, Jane.

Greg S said...

I don't think I have met him - I see Jen running Jane all the time. Actually, the funny thing is, Skyes' and Janes' times are usually very close to each other when we are both clean, so I sort-of use her as a marker for a time-to-meet if they run before us.
I'll have to meet Bode one of these days.

Kathy said...

It looks fantastic. Wish I could hike in the Rockies with my dogs!