Monday, June 22, 2009

Videos from the FRAAD AKC trial last weekend

I've posted the videos I was able to get of both the dogs. Unfortunately, Summit's Friday JWW video is only of the last half of his run. Also, in Sage's Sunday Standard run, she drops the panel jump before the dogwalk. The judge waits to call it until after she exited the dogwalk which at first, when I watched the video, I thought she was being faulted for a missed dw contact (I knew she didn't miss it and there was only one Fault on her scribe sheet). But when I watched it the second time, I realized he delayed calling the panel until after he had judged the dogwalk.

Here is Summit's Friday Jumpers run. I way out of position for that FC before the 180. I just kept backing up for some reason. So he definitely lost some time there. Many dogs took the tunnel after the jump that followed the weaves. Summit also had a pretty wide turn after the triple but not sure how I could have cued a tighter turn there. And there it is at the end, that evil outside arm to cue convergence GRRRRRR!!!!

In Friday's Standard run, I was a bit out of position when I released him from the table to the teeter which caused a wide turn. I miscalculated his trajectory over that jump. I really like my double front cross on both sides of the jump before the chute. Most handlers didn't attempt the second front cross and their dogs turned right as they exited the chute. You also had to let your dog exit the chute at full speed so that when they turned, their position set them to take the jump straight on which put them landing right in front of the dogwalk. Handlers who called their dog's name as they were in the chute, caused their dogs to slice the jump which put them facing the wrong course tunnel.

I really like Summit's Sunday Jumpers run. Other than a wide turn from the tunnel to the weaves, I'm not seeing where we lost any time. The start was difficult to get a tight turn. Interesting, I usually always use a LOP (lead out push) but in this case, I liked the speed I would get with a front cross. I don't see much collection happening at the turn but no fast dog really collected there. I think it was difficult for them. There were quite a few good handlers with fast experienced BC's who did not get much collection for that turn.

I love how at the end of the run, the judge turns and looks at the clock to see Summit's time:-)

I only have two videos of Sage's runs. I really like both these videos.
She ran Standard in 38 seconds which would have put her in 3rd place if she hadn't dropped the panel.

And here is her jumpers run on Saturday. I think she ended up with 10th place or so? I can't remember.


Diana said...

Thanks for posting your runs. They were awesome! I love Summit getting those weave pole entires. WhooHoo! Diana

Morganne said...

Thanks! Yes, Summit is finally learning that collection is required to get a weave pole entry:-)

Christine said...

Great vids and runs, Summit seems to really drive. They must be great fun to run.