Monday, November 9, 2009

Flatirons AKC trial - Double Q's for Sage and Summit

This weekend was our last trial before Nationals. Both Summit and Sage were 50 percent on Saturday (Summit qualifying in Standard and Sage in jumpers). Sunday both dogs double Q'd! The really cool thing on Sunday was that in Standard my dogs took the top two placements! Summit won and Sage got second place. This was a two ring trial with over 50 dogs in the Ex. B 20" class.

Saturday morning Sage had a very nice Standard run. However, I released her from the table just before the judge said "GO"! I have no idea why I did that... so we got a fault. I remember thinking, I wonder if she's going to call that - it certainly too her long enough to think about it:-)

Also, because Sage does not have independent contacts, I was not able to get the FC after the chute so did a last minute rear cross (I had walked it with a FC).

Here is my run with Summit. I chose to do a blind out of the tunnel and I almost didn't get there!

Sage qualified in Jumpers that afternoon with a 4th place. I ran the course with Summit first and he took a wrong course jump after the weave poles (insead of jump and turn, he kept going straight). I realized that my lateral motion (to get into position for the FC) actually cued the wrong course jump. So when I ran Sage, I chose to stay on the same side and run down the line to the tunnel. I didn't do this with Summit as I didn't think I could get down there to cue to correct tunnel entrance. Here is Sage's run.

Sunday we had Jumpers in the morning. I ran Summit first and we qualified with a second place.

Here is Sage's run. I think she got 5th or 6th place.

Here is Sage's Sunday Standard run. She got second place and a double Q.

Here is Summit's Sunday Standard run. 1st place and double Q.

I'm almost packed. We leave for Nationals tomorrow!


Diana said...

Your runs are just beautiful! I didnt know they used the braod jump after novice in AKC. I dont think Ive seen that before.

Good luck at nationals!!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gorgeous runs! Congratulations on a great weekend and best of luck at Nationals!

Elayne said...

Congrats on all the fabulous runs and good luck at Nationals.

Christine said...

Fab runs, fab results and good luck at the Nationals :-)

Morganne said...

Thanks everyone!
Diana, the broad jump is legal in Excellent. You rarely see a judge put it in because its a pain to adjust for every height. I have seen it twice this year and both times it was not in the original course but as a replacement for the triple. The trial in Durango because there was a dip in the grass and the judge replaced the triple with the BJ for safety. Last weekend, I had heard the triple was broken? and so the judge replaced it with the BJ.

Kathy said...

whooo hoooo, gorgeous and 2 double Q's with two dogs, CONGRATS~ Have a great time at nationals