Saturday, March 6, 2010

A fun drill and those amazing 2x2 weavepoles

After our morning run I set up this drill and worked both dogs. The purpose was to work on convergence, serpentines, threadles, a push out to the backside of a jump, and I threw in a 270. I started with the white numbers and worked #1-9 for awhile. Then started with the white numbers and after #5, worked the black number sequence.

Drill 1:
Send to tunnel and ask for convergence over #3 (RTH).
Decel and send to #5, then either push out to backside of #6 (and then on to black circle #7) or threadle between #5 and #6 and continue through the sequence ending at #9.

Drill 2:
Begin with white circles to #5 and then black circles (threadle between black circle #6 and #7), then the 270, and back for another threadle between #11 and #12 and continue the sequence ending at #14.

The 2x2 training is going very well. I'm following the procedure recommended by Mary Ellen Barry during the weaves session at our seminar and also the article she published last year. (A New Twist on Training with 2x2Wweaves. April, 2009, Clean Run).

We have progressed from step 1-4 fairly quickly and it is just amazing how much understanding the dog develops of looking for the entry. Tomorrow I'll progress to step 5 which is the addition of the second set of 2x2's. Since both my dogs already know how to weave (and they are very good about staying in the poles while I move forward or lateral), I will stop at the 4-pole stage since all I want to work on is entries. However, once the new puppy is old enough to start weaving, I'll purchase an additional set (so I'll have a set of 6 poles).


Diana said...

That set up looks tough. Ill have to go back and read that article in clean run. I dont remember it. thanks, Diana

Kathy said...

Sounds like you got a nice little workout.

I LOVE the 2x2, I had three dogs I taught weaves with this method about a year ago and really enjoyed the training and it went so well, what does Mary Ellen do differently from SG? ME seems like a really great trainer.

Morganne said...

I have not viewed SG's 2x2 video so not sure how many things ME does differently. She did mention that when she introduces each set of 2x2's, they are straight (not turned open). Also something she does differently with her body position.

Yes, ME is an excellent trainer and handler - you get both when you take a seminar with her.