Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wobble Board Experience

Soleil relaxing in the kitchen - 8 weeks old

Soleil's first time on the wobble board - 9 weeks old

So this morning I thought I would introduce Soleil to the wobble board. My plan was to start a game of tug to get her in drive and then gradually move closer to the wobble board and see if she would get on or put her paws on it. Well Missy had other plans. I had just laid the board down and turned my back to get her tug toy when I heard this big BANG. She had jumped onto the board, made it bang, and then jumped off and took off running.
Oh great, I thought. Now she's scared and I've totally ruined her first experience with the wobble board.

Nope! She zoomed in a circle and then before I could stop her, she jumped back on the board and made it go bang again. Then she saw the shiny screw in the middle and began to scratch at it and then growl because she couldn't get to it (it's recessed into the wood).

We then played tug on the board and she was happy to jump on and off. She offers this behavior. Nothing about the sound or movement concerned her. Actually, she thinks its great fun!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

She's fearless!! How cool! And she's very pretty relaxing in the kitchen!

Morganne said...

Yesa! She is one very confident puppy. Even when something startles her, she immediately bounces back.

Diana said...

She is very cute!! She does remind me of my dog. Running thur the kitchen at 8 weeks, jumping my legs , hitting the buja board and back around to run it again. Thanks for the sweet memory. Diana

Kathy said...

OH my gosh, how adorable. She really sounds like she is full of it. I love that. She is so pretty, and I LOVE those ears, adorable. So sound and movement dont bother her...LOL, bet you are going to have to look hard to find many things that do from the sounds of it, and she looks like she loves toys, gosh all your looking and waiting sure sounds like it paid off, she is going to be so awesome. What a great pup!