Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Handling Aggressively

I meant to post these runs from the last trial but puppy has been keeping me busy. Both these runs are from Sunday. A double Q and both 3rd place.  I am a bit disappointed with my handling in the Jumpers run in the afternoon. See, the story is...  I wanted a double Q. So that meant being careful and conservative and not handling as aggressively as I should  and not executing a strategy that would have set the best line and given my dog the earliest information. I played it safe because I had a QQ on the line.

Summit is long past qualified for AKC Nationals 2011 (if we decide to attend), he will certainly earn a MACH someday but it's not an immediate goal. So really, I didn't *need* the double Q. But I sacrificed my handling in order to ensure a clean Jumpers run to get it.


Here is the Jumpers run

Notice how much SPACE I give him to land after the #3 jump. I could have tightened that turn up so much more. My FC was placed to give him room and avoid a dropped bar. Look how much time that cost us. Then after the weave poles, I stay with him in the weaves and I am on his right and then execute a RC (in order to stay out of his way). He hesitates at the finish jump (does a quick head check) and then takes the finish jump. I originally had walked the course with the plan of leaving him in the weaves and FCing the next jump in order to be on my dog's left and then run down the line to the finish. On Saturday's Standard run I did leave him in the weaves and FC'd a similar jump and he dropped the bar. So I gave up my original strategy and played it safe and RC'd knowing it did not set the most efficient line.

This is my goal; to handle as aggressively as I do in practice and trust the training. The goal is not the "Q" but to test our skills as a team. A failure of part of that test is simply information to bring back to the training field.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I hear what you're saying and I understand it all but you are also being super critical of yourself because that was a beautiful run! But I know you didn't get to be the awesome handler that you are by not trying always to be the best you can be - I so admire you for that!

Puppy pictures, please!!!

Kathy said...

Pretty run, but you know I do think it is a way bigger goal then it at first seems isnt it? to run like you train and train like you run...I think everyone means to do it but so many times it is hard at the last min to trust your dog, and trust your training and not let that Q sneak into your thoughts, but you seem to do a great job of it. hahahaha, isnt it funny how those puppies can keep you busy? Bet she is growing a bunch already, yep, we NEED puppy pictures, LOL!

Diana said...

OMG, I thought he was super fast and then read your comments. I had to go back and watch again. I still cant see the problems you saw. LOL, I guess I have a lot still to learn. Diana

Morganne said...

Thanks! It wasn't a totally ugly run. Just conservative (well as conservative as I can be with a crazy red BC).

I was happy though to see how low my arms were and no evidence of flailing or chopping ;-)