Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soleil Update and PICTURES!

Soleil (AKA missy, little miss, and pup-pup) is 10 weeks old today. She weighs 5.4 lbs. and is appx. 9 3/4 - 10" tall (I am not an accurate puppy measurer). We've been spending our time playing a LOT of tug games, chase games, restrained recalls (to a tug), and this week we've been working on hand touches and walking on a leash in the neighborhood. She has met lot's of new people, friendly dogs, and children. She has made several trips into the city (Denver) and has been in elevators and city parks and shopping districts. She is a Cosmospolitan Girl!

She is learning to live with Border Collies and is very respectful of their space. She received a couple of mild corrections from Sage and has learned that jumping up and biting Sage's face is not a good idea but following her around and laying next to her is OK.

She's not allowed to run in the outer field with them as she is too tiny and when my BC's are in drive, they would run over the top of her. But we do off leash walks around the field in the evenings with either Sage or Summit and that seems to work well.

She is not very treat motivated; much prefering toys so we've been using her mealtime for training sessions. This can get a bit messy as she is on a raw diet.

I've glued the tips of her ears. I may have used a little too much glue. Next time I'll know to use half as much. I haven't braced them yet, the hair isn't quite long enough on top. I will do that next week. They still seem to naturally carry pretty high up on her head.

Yesterday I got some pictures of her with her very first lamb riblet and then when we all went outside and I sat on the back porch hoping to get some non-blurry pictures of the little Miss.

Enjoying her lamb ribblet in the sunroom
Ms. glue head with her lamb ribblet
Rolling on the dining room floor
Observing a bug in the grass
The wobble board is her favorite place to perch
What! Did you say my name?
Watching Sage
Sitting pretty
"Where are you going Sage?"
"I'm going over to my favorite grazing area"
Checking out the grass with Sage


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh she is the cutest pup ever. It sure sounds like you are savoring and enjoying every minute with that cute puppy....GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am so happy for you she is just too cute and sounds wonderful. THANKS FOR PICTURES!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and the puppy update, Morganne! Soleil has the sweetest face! Imagine liking the wobble board so much she wants to just hang out on it! That's so neat! Glad to know everything is going well!

Elayne said...

She's so cute, and getting so big. You'll have a teenager on your hands before you know it.

Diana said...

She is very cute and little. I love the expression on her face when she was sitting pretty. Diana

Christine said...

Gosh I just wanna hug her. The photos ooze looks and personality. Interesting and useuful info with the diet. We are trialing a kibble that is Chicken/Veg/Fruit - no rice or cereals in it and are looking to work up to incorporate the raw food element.

Dawn said...

She's beautiful!!!!! She reminds me so much of my Katie-girl when she was a puppy, though we didn't get her until she was 12 weeks old. Nice to see her!

kiwichick said...

She looks like she is fitting in well. How do you like having a small dog so far?

Morganne said...

Thanks for the compliments about Soleil. I think she is pretty amazing.

Julie, it is very different having a small dog. I get very nervous when I have her around big dogs. When I play chase games and restrained recalls, I'm very aware of where she is so I don't step on her. Other than that, her attitude rivals that of a BC! She doesn't know she is small.

Priscilla said...

Hi Morganne! I found you from Ricky's blog!! I can't believe you have a sheltie and she's such a cute pup :)) She's going to be a lot of fun!