Sunday, February 27, 2011

It was a great weekend

Friday afternoon Summit had a PT appointment and also an appointment with the rehab vet. He got a thumbs up from the vet and his PT! He's back to normal and can begin regular conditioning and agility training. We did a few bounce grids on Saturday and short sequences. Sunday I took him and Sage for an hour trail run on the Vista trail near Boulder. You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to have fun with my dog again. I'm not talking about agility competition but just everyday fun. Sage is retired from competition but she and I get to go for a run everyday and play in the back field in the evenings after work. Summit was on exercise restriction and all he could do was controlled drills and stretching.Not much fun for him or for me.

I spent the weekend catching up on some training with Soleil. Mostly RC work. I am really thrilled with her speed and striding across the plank. I really suck at throwing toys and a couple of times the toy ends up going straight in the air like a rocket and straight down. Soleil doesn't seem to care. Running the plank has become reinforcing in itself which is unexpected but I love it! That girlie sure does love to run!

I'm still shaping cute little tricks with Soleil every morning. Random stuff. This week it is all about pivoting on a board. I get so much enjoyment out of this and I think she likes it too.

Here are a couple of videos from out sessions this weekend. When I watch the video in slow motion I'm seeing a nice consistent running stride across the green plank. 



Diana said...

I'm sooo glad Summit is better and can start being a real dog again. I know the feeling. Soliel looks great. She just loves tugging!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's fantastic news that Summit is all better!! We know what you mean too - it's awesome to be able to do regular dog things together again!

Soleil is looking great!

Priscilla said...

Yay for Summit. I bet he is so happy that he can do agility again. Have a great fun time with them.

Kathy said...

I am SOOOOO GLAD you got your partner back again, that has had to be so hard to have him out of commission and I bet he is sooo happy. Congrats on that. Soleil just looks so good and such a good tugger. You guys are just doing so well, it is so much fun to watch!