Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soleil training

Here are a couple of videos of training sessions. The first one is the teeter. I had the end of the teeter held up by a jump upright the beginning of the week and now progressed to a 24" table. She has absolutely no worries about the movement or height. I'm mostly releasing her from a sit stay but today I will send her around a cone first which will give me a head start.

After the teeter I worked on crosses on the flat around three cones. We learned this in Mary Ellen Barry's advanced flatwork session at the seminar. She is doing very well with the turns. Still working on a little impulse control and she starts to go into herding-mode at the very beginning. Interesting... when Summit would become too excited he would push into me from the front (cut me off). Soleil barks and runs in wild little circles.

Today we'll do running plank work and go for a hike on the South Mesa trail.
Summit is coming along well with his conditioning. He is doing three jump bounce grids and trotting for five minute sessions during his walks.


Diana said...

Soleil looks good!! Im so glad Summit is getting better and Im sure you are too!

Morganne said...

Thanks Diana!
Soleil is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I like your teeter and table, do you have plans you can share on how to build these?

clementgreenberg said...

I love how much sass Soleil has! Has she been channeling a cattle dog? bark bark bark!