Monday, March 9, 2009

RMATC AKC agility trial March 2009

This weekend we were back in Castle Rock, Colorado for a three-day AKC trial. Sage had some amazing runs and did not miss a single contact all weekend. I am incorporating forward sends in my handling to get downstream on the course and stay ahead of her. Here is a video of Saturday's JWW run. I was in position in plenty of time to front cross to cue the correct end of the tunnel. Most handlers opted for an RFP or verbal cue to redirect the dog into the tunnel.

Sage Saturday Jumpers run

Sage also had some great Standard runs on Friday and Saturday but with one fault in each. Sunday's standard course was VERY technical. The 20" B dogs ran last so we got to watch several classes NQ on this course. It became a game for the crowd to cheer for every team after each fault. Slower dogs definately had the advantage on this course. I had no expectations for qualifying with Sage. There were many challenges on this course but the main challenge was the tunnel trap at the end. The location of the weavepoles restricted the handlers path so it was very difficult to cue the turn to the tire if you were behind your dog. There were a lot of attempted verbal call-offs from the tunnel at the end but most speedy dogs still got the tunnel. I decided to use a strong deceleration cue to keep Sage off the tunnel and it worked. We qualified with Fourth place.

Sage Sunday Standard run

It was an interesting weekend for Summit and I. He had some very nice runs with a couple of refusals. He is much more responsive to my collection and turning cues so now I need to adjust my timing. I pulled him off an obstacle in several runs by turning too quickly. By Sunday, I had figured out what was going on and he qualified in Ex. A Jumpers and earned his AXJ title. He did quite well on the infamous Sunday standard course but did get the tunnel at the end. Here is the video from Friday's standard run. I needed to support the a-frame just a split second longer before I turned.

Summit Friday Standard run

Here is his Jumpers run on Sunday. First place and his AXJ title.


Kathy said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on all your hard work, learning, and success!

Greg S said...

I loved Sage's STD run on Sunday. She was so in tune to your movements - just awesome!

Morganne said...

Thanks so much for the comliments. It has been hard work to figure out how to handle and communicate with her on a course, now I think we are starting to become a good team.

Jackie said...

These are great runs. Watching you run Sage is amazing and such an inspiration. You're such an awesome team. Summit is, of course, awesome too.