Monday, March 30, 2009

Sage earns her MAD and Summit his AAD

Jen and I drove down to Albuquerque for a two-day USDAA trial this weekend. We weren't sure if we would be able to get out of Denver but the blizzard had ended sometime late Thursday night. The roads weren't too bad once we got farther South but we did pass several accidents on the way down.

The weather in Albuquerque was perfect for an outdoor trial. Sunny and in the high 60's. This was a two-ring, two judge trial. Summit needed one advanced standard leg to earn his AAD. He got that on Saturday as well as qualifying in Steeplechase. He had other nice runs and Q's but those two were the highlight of the weekend. Now he is in Masters so no more ring conflicts! He is also, in addition to DAM team, qualified for Nationals now in Steeplechase. He had a smokin' run in GP but dropped one bar.

Sage also needed just a single standard leg to earn her MAD. She had a beautiful run Saturday morning. It was a tough course with few qualifying runs. She also qualified in Steeplechase, pairs, and jumpers. We had a really nice GP run going and I misjudged her speed coming off the a-frame to the tire and got behind her. She turned into me after she landed off the tire and we collided (it was a straight line of tire and two jumps to a tunnel). So she earned a refusal.

Both Sage and Summit now just need the two GP Q's for Nationals.

This coming weekend we will be in Loveland, Colorado at FRAC's USDAA trial.


Greg S said...

Way to go Sage & Summit! Are you going to post video?
We're still working on qualifying for Nationals, which we plan on attending this year. We got the Team qualifier, but no GP legs yet, and 1 Steeplechase.. We need more USDAA around here!
Do you think you'll go to USDAA Nationals this year?
See ya at Loveland.

Morganne said...

Jen videotaped us on her Flip camera. She will send me the videos later. I'll try and figure out how to embed them in the blog.

GP is hard this year since it has to be clean. We just don't have enough USDAA trials in Colorado:-(

Christine said...

Congratulations, we enjoy reading your blog and the links. From the UK

Morganne said...

Thanks! I just visited your blog. What gorgeous dogs you have. Great agility videos too. So red BCs are called Chocolate in the UK?

Christine said...

Thank you and totally. With the colour they are only called chocolate if they are really dark. So Rivi is a red, but Raz and Nuts are chocolate.