Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday training session with Jen

Cedar Catch an Edge "Bode"

Saturday morning I went out early and worked both Sage and Summit on several jump drills. With Sage I focused more on lateral motion (away from and into her path) to cue turns. I continued to work convergence with Summit. I included a couple of drills with some speed using a tunnel. I'm thrilled with how much he is progressing with these exercises. He does not hesitate to converge on my path as well as add appropriate strides for collection if needed.

Then Jen came over with Jane and Bode (Summit's little brother). We worked on one-jump drills with Bode and RTH exercises. Then we lowered the dogwalk and Jen showed me how Bode was progressing with his 20/20 as well as running the whole plank. Bode is doing so well and Jen is having a lot of fun with this little guy. Bode and Summit are very similar in personality and drive. They even share some similar little quirks and mannerisms.

Afterwards, I had Jen run Summit through some sequences. She handled him very well and he worked great for her - now she has an idea of what it will be like to run Bode on a full agility course someday.

This Friday - Sunday we'll all be at the RMATC AKC trial at Douglas County Fairgrounds.


Kathy said...

Hi Morganne,

I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say, Jenn C. is a fantastic instructor. She is an excellent teacher and can break things down and explain them so that they are crystal clear. I hope she can go to Colorado for your seminar. I highly recommend her.

Morganne said...

Thanks Kathy! I e-mailed Jenn today. We would love to have her out if it works with her schedule.