Friday, August 14, 2009

24 inches???

Had an awesome private lesson with our instructor this morning. I learned some new drills to set up to work on getting tighter turns with distance.

I've been training Summit with the jump bars at 24" for several months now. My instructor told us today that he jumps much nicer at 24" (rounder) and that I should consider jumping him at 24" in AKC. I hadn't thought about it but looking back at photographs and videos of him at 20", he does jump flatter and more extended than he does in USDAA where he jumps 22". I like his jump form better in USDAA at 22" but it never occurred to me to move him to the 24" class in AKC.

He is not a tall Border Collie but he can handle 24" just fine. I don't tend to worry about jump heights with a BC of his structure. I think tall a-frame heights and weavepoles are harder on a dog's body than jumping.

So something to think about. At this time, I'm not sure what I'll decide...

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