Monday, August 31, 2009

How to trip over your dog on the agility course

So today's agility lesson is how to take your eyes off your dog while she's shooting out of a tunnel so that you can rotate quickly out of a front cross, take a step and procede to fall on top of your dog who is not where you thought she would be.

Sage and I were having a beautiful jumpers run for a double Q (would have been QQ #16) and luckily, Sage was OK. She was happy to run out of the ring with me and get her special treats. No special treats for the handler.

The venue was awesome! Indoor soccer field with sport turf. The dogs ran really fast on this type of ground. Outside was a large field where you could walk and play with your dogs.

Saturday both dogs qualified in Jumpers with a 2nd and 4th place. Sunday Sage qualified in Standard with a 3rd place and Summit won Jumpers that afternoon. Summit had a gorgeous standard run on Sunday morning but earned a refusal when I dropped my arm too quickly after a send to the panel jump and he pulled off the jump to come in to my side (good boy).

I should have videos of some of the runs. And if I'm really brave, I might post the one of me falling on top of Sage if Don was able to get it on film.

Heading to Salt Lake City, Utah Thursday morning for 4 days of AKC agility. Beautiful outdoor site with lot's of trees and places to play with the dogs.

Summit Saturday Jumpers

Sage Sunday Standard

Summit - Sunday Jumpers

...and featuring the video from the popular TV show - Agility Bloopers


Greg S said...

Though I did enjoy my weekend off of agility, all the "facility was great" and "beautiful place" and "awesome courses" type comments I have been reading is making me a little jealous and envious of those who went.
Sounds like a successful weekend for your kids. DO post the falling down show for us if you can ;)
Our club hosts a DOCNA trial this coming weekend so no Utah for us. Good luck!

Diana said...

Sounds like a great weekend, well except the falling on your dog part. I cant wait to see your awesome videos. Diana

Elayne said...

Maybe if I watch these enough times some of the good handling skills will rub off on me. Except for the falling, I'm already pretty good at that part.