Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rocky Mountain Regional DAM teams confirmed

So DAM teams for both dogs are confirmed and I mailed off our entry yesterday.

Sage is on a competitive team with Elicia Calhoun/BreaSea and Liz Blasio/Ticket.

Summit is on a very fast young dog team with Donna Thomson/Indy and Liz Blasio/Deuce.

I have been training some specific skills for Snooker and Gamblers this week in addition to brushing up on discriminations (jump boxes, contact/tunnel).

Today we trained early in the morning and then went on an awesome hike in the mountains.
Heading to Laramie, Wyoming this Friday for USDAA. Maybe Summit might earn his MAD this weekend!


Diana said...

Wow, those sounds like great teams to be part of. Good for you. Diana

Astrid said...

Wish you Luck on getting your MAD with Summit. Have Fun!

Greg S said...

Sounds like cool teams - do you mean Donna Thompson with Indy? The Donna that also runs Nic the sheltie?