Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More training and USDAA this weekend

Monday we spent the day clearing the agility field. Then using the tractor, aerated the entire field. Yesterday after work, I set up the box drill from the May Clean Run (Backyard dogs). This is another set up that I can leave up for a week and practice many different skills. The jumps are at 22" since I have a USDAA trial in Utah this weekend.

I've really been focusing on staying more connected with Summit when executing front crosses. Maintaining indirect eye contact and keeping my arms and motion as smooth as possible. I think I've gotten into some sloppy habits while handling Sage because she is so forgiving. She rarely ever drops bars. Summit on the other hand is very "twitchy" and anything abrubt on my part will take a bar down. On the plus side, this means he rarely ever has a wrong course.

I also set up this drill in order to practice rear crosses which is another skill I could improve with Mr. Summit.

Off to Salt Lake City on Friday for a two-day USDAA trial. Hoping to get a GP or Steeplechase qualifier for Nationals.


Diana said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for everything!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That rear cross drill looks very tough! Don't think I'll try it any time soon - :)

Yes, the forward and parallel sends are the same (I think) except for the position of the jump - the jump is perpendicular in the parallel send. It's all so confusing to write about. And I still struggle with the APHS terminology (like I should've said "pull" instead of "post turn"). I read the stuff again and again and each time a little more info sinks in. I guess I'll get it eventually!

Good luck at the trial this weekend!

Chris and Ricky

Christine said...

I enjoy those drills, they are great like you say. Good luck at the weekend and he is definately a scrummy looking sheltie.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great practice, and I like you have been talking about points you are trying to have more eye contact....after my work on transitions and reading your comments on your blog -I too am trying to maintain more connection with the eye contact at points I need handler focus and front crosses.....and coming out of tunnels...seems like such an easy thing until I get too much into my head and forget.

I am so excited, your hopefully future babies dad looks so gorgeous, and I am keeping my fingers crossed until we all hear how the ultrasound goes.

Have a great trial.