Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rear cross practice

I finally got a chance to run the rear cross drill I posted last week. It had rained several days before we left for Utah and then Summit had two days off from agility training. So this morning, we ran all the rear cross sequences. The first two (blue and green paths) were very straightforward and doable. No problems. The next two were more challenging. The purple and red paths show how I cued each turn. These paths are very general as I'm not absolutely positive exactly "where" I was when I began lateral motion.But they show the basic idea.

To get the turn to the red jump, I needed to use deceleration followed by lateral motion to get the tighter turn. For the purple jump, I started lateral motion and the rear cross sooner so that I could then set a line to the purple jump. Neither of these were easy and I spent at least twenty minutes playing around with where I started lateral motion, location of the RC's, and the line I needed to set following the RC.

I also worked Sage on some of the other sequences (from the May Clean Run issue - Backyard Dogs) and she was perfect as usual. I SO need a puppy to train!


Diana said...

I tried that drill last week. I couldnt get my dog to understand to go out on the blue line to the farthest jump with rear crosses. she just kept turning tight over the closet jump. ( I hope that makes sense) Diana

Kathy said...

I am going to have to set that up and try it now that we have a few weeks between classes. LOL, hopefully there is a puppy for you to train soon, you are going to have so much fun!

Morganne said...

I updated the course picture with my path to the farthest blue (now green) jump.

I love playing with these short drills as they teach me so much about the influence my motion and path has on my dog.

Diana said...

Ok, thanks. That makes more sense than what I did. LoL. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think the rear cross drill would be too hard for us! Glad you had fun working it out!

We are really looking forward to you having a puppy to train too and hope you blog about it constantly!