Monday, April 5, 2010

Summit wins Steeplechase Finals and Sage earns her Master Gamblers title

It was a fun USDAA weekend. The first thing Saturday morning, Sage earned that last Gamblers leg for her Master Gamblers title! We've been working on this one for two years now. Between the small number of local USDAA shows and the fact that distance work is difficult for Sage, I'm quite happy that we've finally finished this title. Sage now only needs one Super Q for her ADCH. Sunday, the 7-point obstacle was a jump-weaves combination and so although she qualified, she did not get a Super Q. She was only entered in two classes plus Steeplechase. She missed the a-frame contact in Steeplechase so did not make the cut - off for the finals.

Summit had a very good weekend although he started out with dropping one bar in two of the earlier classes; Masters Standard and Grand Prix. But those were the only two bars out of the eight classes he was entered in. He qualified in Gamblers in the morning. Had a great run in Standard (one bar), had another nice run in GP (one bar) and placed third in Pairs, and then had a nice run in Steeplechase for a 5th place and qualifying for the finals. Sunday he had another nice run in Standard and placed 3rd, Q'd in Snooker. We had completed all three (could only attempt 3 of the 4 reds) 7-point combo and were finishing the closing when he took a red jump after the first jump of #7. So close!  That afternoon, he ran a smokin' fast time in Steeplechase to win the finals.

I am really noticing a big difference in Summit's weavepole entries since I've been training with the 2x2's. In Snooker, there was so much distance between the red jumps and the weaves that I had to send him 20-30 feet ahead of me to the weaves. Twice he approached the weaves at a bad angle, self-corrected his angle of approach and nailed the entry. This was so amazing to watch! You could see that he clearly understoon how to FIND the entry.

We have AKC this coming weekend. And puppy news..... she is due on April 12th!


Diana said...

Congrats on an excellent weekend!! Puppy news is very exciting. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

No way - puppy is coming soon?!!! I was just wondering about that. What breeder are you getting your puppy from? You are going to love having a Sheltie puppy!

Congratulations on such a successful weekend!

Kathy said...

Oh my Gosh, CONGRATS SAGE!!! That is very exciting. I love the close up picture, what a beautiful face. Love the 2x2, we have gone back to them because of weave pole entry troubles.

Congrats on the pups coming and that seems so soon, I kept wondering if you had heard, .....I love my shelties, and I am loving having a puppy....I think you are in for a way fun summer.

Greg S said...

Morganne, check your email for that video, and I just saw that I have round 1 too if you want.

Maybe Sage will get that last SQ at one of the May USDAA's.

Morganne said...

Puppy is coming from Joan Meyer. Sire is Dustin and mom is Aimee (who is from Trinity). I want a boy so if she has all girls, I will wait.

Christine said...

That is a result, what an exciting season. Well done to you and your guys :-)